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TLC and Unthank School of Writing Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Unthank School of Writing following feedback we received in our recent client survey, which attracted hundreds of responses from our dedicated community of newsletter subscribers. This survey has helped us as we continue to review the services TLC offers writers, both nationally and internationally. It found that a majority of writers would be interested in online courses focusing on the craft of fiction writing. Unthank is led by two trusted TLC Readers, Ashley Stokes and Stephen Carver, and their team of experienced tutors, who deliver studied, informed courses for aspiring and intermediate fiction writers. The thinking is serious, the editorial input engaged, and the progress writers can make towards a strong foundation in the craft of fiction and its various elements tangible and significant.

Exclusive TLC Discount

TLC is pleased to be offering an exclusive TLC newsletter subscriber discount to writers enrolling on any of the following Unthank courses, starting in January 2017. To claim your discount, please sign up to the TLC newsletter by no later than 12pm Wednesday December 7th. You will receive a special promotional code in the December newsletter which you can apply for a special Unthank discount for any of the following courses. Unthank-enrolled writers will also be eligible for a 5% discount on TLC manuscript assessment following completion of the Unthank course, valid for 12 months, for ongoing editorial support with writing projects worked on during the course.

Online fiction workshop with Ashley Stokes starting January 2017 BOOK NOW
Becoming a writer with Stephen Carver starting January 2017 BOOK NOW
How to write a novel with Stephen Carver starting January 2017 BOOK NOW

What is an Unthank Online Creative Writing Course?

Each Unthank School of Writing online creative writing course is a writer’s workshop, offering the opportunity to share your work in a friendly, supportive and creative online community. Courses are open to anyone who writes, or wants to write, and who wishes to explore, develop and discuss their ideas about writing, reading, and viewing. We will teach you how to read more critically, and to apply what you learn from a serious study of literature to your own writing. We believe that writing is a craft that can be taught, learned and improved with discipline and practice, with an emphasis as much on the physical process of establishing and maintaining a regular writing routine as on style and content. Read more here.

What Writers Say

‘The course ‘How to Write a Novel’ by Stephen Carver is a gem you rarely come across. Stimulating exercises and a systematic approach to the elements of prose writing are complemented by the tutor’s commitment and encouragement – for everyone. I’ve written more within five weeks than I would ever have thought possible. I can see my novel taking shape. Thank you.’

Sabine Meier

‘Stephen has given me invaluable and in depth advice and suggestions on the exercises, and I am amazed that indeed, I do have the will and tools to do this. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, Stephen’s knowledge of the writing industry is incredible and his encouragement has really helped me to focus on bringing my ideas to life.’

Jane Markland


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