TLC Reader Sam Mills Sets Up Dodo Ink Press

June 01, 2015 | Other News

TLC reader, novelist Sam Mills (The Quiddity of Will Self) has set up a new independent publishing company, Dodo Ink, which launched officially at the 2015 London Book Fair. It already has its lead titles lined up, psychedelic road trip novel Dodge and Burn by Seraphina Madsen, and The Eleventh Letter, a Lynchian ghost story by Tom Tomaszewski, both due for release in 2016. Dodo Ink will be open for new submissions from July 2015. Its mission statement on the website reads:

‘Dodo Ink will publish original fiction, with a focus on risk-taking, imaginative novels. We are looking for books which don’t fall into easy marketing categories and don’t compromise their intelligence or style to fit in with trends. We are passionate readers, and we believe that there are many more who share our appetite for bold, original and ‘difficult’ fiction. We want to provide a home for great writing which isn’t being picked up by the mainstream.’

Publishing needs new champions, and we look forward to seeing brave new voices that defy and cross genres being lovingly published, and given the opportunity to be heard, and read, by readers who enjoy writing that goes against the grain, but does so with intelligence, wit, vim, and vigour.