Tom O'Rourke Publishes Medieval Debut with ROMAN Books

July 17, 2014 | Other News, TLC Talent

We are delighted that Tom O’Rourke, who came to TLC for an assessment on his first book, has been picked up by Quintus, an imprint of ROMAN Books, and that his debut historical novel West Briton Story is now available to purchase.

Of his experience with TLC, Tom said:

“I sent an early experimental novella into TLC and received very encouraging feedback from a reader and an introduction from [Rebecca Swift, Director] to a really supportive and sharp agent, who helped me take my first baby steps into the often (but not always!) delightful labyrinths of the publishing world. Rebecca’s subsequent personal encouragement, wise counsel and sheer patience were nothing less than invaluable to me. This lady deserves a medal to be struck in her honour in recognition for her services generally to literature in this country.”

Described as a “muscular, gripping debut” (Open Letters), West Briton Story takes place in the interval between the withdrawal of Roman forces form Great Britain in AD 410 and the start of Anglo-Saxon rule at the beginning of the seventh Century. O’Rourke’s publishers call it ‘a roaring hearth tale of friendship and family.’