Caroline Scott Publishes with Pen and Sword

July 17, 2014 | Other News, TLC Talent

Caroline Scott came to TLC in 2013 with a first draft of Those Measureless Fields, and was assigned Anna South as her reader. We are delighted to announce that her book has now been published by Pen and Sword. Many congratulations, Caroline. She had this to say about her experience with TLC:

“I approached TLC hoping that they could provide me with some direct and practical guidance as to why my manuscript wasn’t quite working. I got just that.  Anna told me exactly where – and precisely why – I was misfiring. Her report gave me focus and motivation and a new mindfulness of my own (many) bad habits. That candid and expert opinion was so worth having.”

Those Measureless Fields follows Effie Shaw, a young woman whose fiancé is killed in action during World War One. After his death, Effie finds herself working as a cook for a man she secretly loves; Captain Laurence Greene. When the Captain dies, he bequeaths her a railway ticket, the deeds to a tea shop he owns, and proof that her love was returned, though never declared. He also makes an unusual request; that she visit her fiancé’s grave. On her journey from Passchendaele to Paris, Effie makes a series of shocking discoveries about the man she once loved.