Digital Experiments: The Fastest Ebook in the World

June 03, 2014 | Conference, Other News

TLC Conference Associates epubli (e-publishers of our 2013 Pen Factor winner Piers Alexander’s debut novel The Bitter Trade) have along with German Journalism School DJS covered the re:publica, one of the biggest digital conferences in Europe. In a record-breaking digital experiment following a model established at the 2013 conference, 15 students produced three eBooks, one per day, covering all important conference topics, talks and speakers, including, among others: The Yes Men, Saskia Sassen, Alexa Clay, Hannah Fry, Priya Basil, Elmar Geese and Parker Higgins. After each conference day the re:publica reader was published over-night byepubli and is now available in all eBook shops. Ed Nawotka, editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives, who visited epubli’s newsroom, was impressed by the students’ concentrated and highly professional work.

We are excited to see epubli continuing to innovate in digital publishing, and look forward to hearing CEO  Jörg Dörnemann speak alongside Piers in the second-day keynote at our Literary Conference on June 14. (The Conference runs June 13-15 and tickets are available here).