2014 Self-publishing Successes for TLC clients

February 05, 2014 | TLC Talent

2014 looks set to be the year of the independent author, with self-publishing success stories becoming more and more prominent in industry news. Recently, we’ve heard from several former TLC clients who have gone on after assessment to find new routes into publication.

Anne Charnock submitted two drafts of her sci-fi novel A Calculated Life to TLC. Both drafts were read by Tim Clare. Anne went on to self-publish the book and was subsequently offered a contract with 47North, Amazon Publishing’s SFF imprint, who re-released the book in September 2013. The novel has since been shortlisted for two literary awards; the Philip K Dick Award and the Kitschies Golden Tentactle Award for a Debut Novel.

Fran Pickering’s novel The Cherry Blossom Murder, a murder mystery set in Japan, submitted to TLC in early draft form. The book is due for release on February 10th via Amazon’s self-publishing arm CreateSpace. Fran said of her experience with TLC:

“I’m very much a TLC product – my first draft was analysed and patiently set on the right track by Tom Bromley, and I also got some useful input from Karen Godfrey. I’m eternally grateful for way they helped turn a flawed first attempt into a publishable manuscript. I got invaluable advice on marketing and using digital media at the TLC’s first Writing in a Digital Age conference and now run a successful blog (sequinsandcherryblossom.com) an author website (franpickering.com) and am about to publish the first of a planned series of murder mysteries.”

Patricia Watkins also had two early drafts of manuscripts critiqued by TLC and has since written and self-published four novels via her own imprint, Down Design Publications. The latest of these, The Wayward Gentleman, was recently featured in Kirkus Reviews and is available to order now. Further information is available on Patricia’s website.

“I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an in-depth and thoroughly honest review of their work, that they go to The Literacy Consultancy. My reader, Sam Mills, obviously invested an immense amount of time and thought in putting together a first and then a second critique of my novel, taking into account every aspect of it, sharing her expertise, and giving me advice and suggestions that have proven  invaluable, not only when revising that particular novel, but also in writing the other four novels I have since completed.”