International Success for TLC Client Sudipto Das

August 28, 2013 | TLC Talent

TLC is delighted that Sudipto Das’s novel, The Ekkos Klan, has become a best selling new release in India. Sudipto came to TLC with his manuscript in 2011 and it was read by Kavita Bhanot.

Sudipto is an engineering professional who lives in Bangalore with is family. He began writing The Ekkos Klan in July 2010, completing his first draft by November the same year. He came to TLC in May 2011 with a first draft and through Kavita’s input, five months later, he was ready to start approaching agents.

On working with Kavita and TLC Sudipto said:

“I’ve rewritten my novel to a great extent based on the suggestions given by Kavita. The final version owes a lot to her detailed critique.”

Agent Kanishka Gupta of Writer’s Side took on Sudipto in December 2011 and the novel was accepted for publishing by Niyogi Books, a Dehli Based publisher, in May 2012. The book came to print in July 2013.

The Ekkos Klan follows graduate student Kratu and best friend Afsar as they travel across continents to trace the origins of his grandma, Kubha’s, folk tales. The stories lead them to the richest and oldest civilizations of the world uncovering the mysteries behind a series of murders along the way.