Literary Conference 2013 Overview

July 03, 2013 | Conference

We have collated a large number of exciting press links and write-ups about our June 2013 Writing in a Digital Age conference which you can see here. The event sparked off a good deal of celebration, debate and controversy especially in the discussion about Quality in a Digital Age for self-published writers, and we are delighted to have a full podcast of our brilliant Keynote best-selling author Audrey Niffenegger. So if you were unable to make it, or are thinking of coming next year, do check this out as it’s full of valuable information and will give you a flavour of what to expect and why it is important to attend. We are already working on next year’s programme to keep you up to date. Do also note that we are running an event on November 15th and 16th 2013 which will enable our Pen Factor writing competition winners to explore their prose alongside some of the best technicians in the country, to see what cyber delights they can come up with. So sign up to our newsletter here for further information and keep in touch.