26 interviews TLC Director Rebecca Swift

November 02, 2012 | Press & Publicity

Elen Lewis of writers’ group and creative organisation 26 interviews TLC Director Rebecca Swift about the role of TLC, client success stories, tips for new writers, common writing mistakes, and why editorial assessment shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury, but as an essential first step in preparing writing before sending it off, or out into the world.

An extract from the interview with Rebecca Swift:

What’s your favourite advice for better writing?

‘I’m not a fan of shorthand advice for writers, as I think everyone must learn the hard way by trial and error if they are to really find their own way and style and that can take years. However, if I had to choose a single piece of advice, I suppose I’d say unless you know exactly why you aren’t doing, then push for economic prose. I say this as most people tend to overwrite, by which I mean they use excessive adjectives and include too much unnecessary information – almost trying too hard. Strip back to the essentials of what you are saying, think about what that is and keep hold of it; then say it as economically as you can – but without your prose being dull.’

Read the full interview here.