The Delicate Art of Writing Book Blurbs

September 14, 2012 | TLC Talent

If you think writing a synopsis for your manuscript submission to TLC is difficult, try minimizing it to just a book blurb. Before becoming an assessor for The Literary Consultancy, Tom Bromley worked as a copywriter for Little, Brown, producing countless blurbs for books of all genres. Free Word‘s interview with Tom about the delicate art of writing book blurbs, explores the positives and negatives of reducing a book to a few sentences.

“One thing I found is that the better the book is, the fewer superlatives that you use. You always knew when a book wasn’t up to much because you’d find yourself saying ‘fascinating’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘remarkable’ and all of these kind of words. The one I always tried to avoid using was ‘absorbing’ – it’s a terrible word and always reminds me of a sponge or something…”

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