TLC Mentee Published by Crooked Cat

July 02, 2012 | TLC Talent
Undreamed ShoresTLC mentee Mark Patton’s novel, set in 2400 BC, the dawn of the Bronze Age, tells the story of a young man’s coming of age against the background of a rapidly changing society. What started out early 2010 as a manuscript titled “Twilight of the Ancestors”,  has recently been published by Crooked Cat Publications as “Undreamed Shores”, 24th May 2012.
During the mentoring programme, Mark Patton worked with Tim Clare during the initial sessions and Ashley Stokes for the final assessment. Mark writes, “TLC readers and mentors combine direct experience of the publishing industry with a sophisticated understanding of the dynamic between writers and readers. I found their input to be invaluable. Having completed the TLC mentoring programme, I negotiated a publishing contract, which was what I had been hoping for. The experience would have been equally valuable had I opted for self-publication. Quite simply, it enabled me to write a better novel.”

TLC is delighted that Mark Patton has had his work published.  Click here to read more about his book.