Australian TLC Client Published by Allen & Unwin

July 05, 2012 | TLC Talent

Damien BrownWhat do you do if you’re looking for an editorial assessment in the outback? Damien Brown wrote his novel Band-aid for a Broken Leg while working in remote Aboriginal communities and sent his novel to TLC for an assessment first in 2009 with Alan Wilkinson and then again in 2010 with Karl French.

Allen & Unwin, Australia’s largest independent publisher, released the book 2nd July and it will be published in the UK in February next year.  It will also soon be available through or as an ebook on Amazon.

Damien’s book is an account of life on the medical frontline in Angola, Mozambique and South Sudan, while he was working for Medecins Sans Frontieres. It is also a moving testimony of the work done by medical humanitarian groups and the extraordinary and sometimes eccentric people who work for them. Damien writes about his experience with TLC, saying, “This was my first book, and although I was struggling to get it right, I couldn’t bear any criticism of it. What did these people know about the conditions I was writing about, anyway? They weren’t there with me, I told myself – they were mere academics! In retrospect, though, having a structured, systematic appraisal of what worked and what didn’t wasn’t was essential. I was far too immersed in my work to have that overview. And, at least after the initial day or two of yelling at the reports I’d received, I never looked back.”

TLC is delighted that we are able to help writers develop their writing, where ever they are in the world.  Click here to read an interview with Damien.