Unthank Books Publish Charles Dickens' Last Novel

February 08, 2012 | TLC Talent

Mysteries of Unwind Drood By Ashley Stokes

On 1st October, Unthank Books are thrilled to be publishing THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD by CHARLES DICKENS, completed by DAVID MADDEN.

When Dickens died in 1870, he still had the second six of a planned twelve instalments of THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD to write. The only clues he left as to how he wanted to end the story are contained in the first six. For his first novel, former diplomat Sir David Madden has accepted the challenge of finishing Dicken’s last novel in the way the genius intended.

Charles Dickens is and will remain one of the greatest writers in the English language. His contribution to the development of the novel form is immense and undisputed. The legacy of his method of publication –- in serial form – is all around us today in every medium and arguably responsible for the ‘cliffhanger’ and the ‘recap’.

Maintaining Dicken’s repertoire of comedy, psychological acuity, inimitable description and turn of phrase is no easy task but David Madden has proved utterly equal to it.

THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD combines Dickens’s original with David Madden’s completion following on seamlessly in the same volume– a fitting homage in time for Dickens’s 200th birthday in 2012. Available to pre-order in paperback now and available as an eBook from iBookstore on October 1st.