The BBC Commissions Julia Stoneham to Write Radio Play

October 17, 2011 | TLC Talent

The BBC recently commissioned TLC reader Julia Stoneham to write a radio dramatisation of Julian Barnes‘ novel Talking It Over as a 60 minute single play for Radio 4. The project was offered to Stoneham a while ago, but because there are very few 60 minute drama slots in the schedules these days, the project wasn’t commissioned before now. The recording date and the names of the actors to play the three characters have yet to be announced, so for now Stoneham is just buckling down and perfecting her script. TLC is delighted on her behalf and wishes her the best of luck with her writing.

In addition to her work for Radio 4, Stoneham also currently reviews novels for The Historical Novels Society. Her latest review is of Stolen Childhoods by Nicola Tyrer, published by Weienfeld and Nicolson. It is the untold story of the children interned by the Japanese in WW2. The Historical Novel Society was founded in 1997 and it promotes all aspects of historical fiction and provides support, information and opportunities for new writers.