Rory's Boys Reviewed in The New York Journal of Books

August 18, 2011 | TLC Talent

Rory's BoysTLC client Alan Clark’s novel, Rory’s Boys, recently gained an excellent review in the New York Journal of Books. Rory’s Boys was published by BLISS in June 2011. The book is described as “an extremely racy yet almost mainstream book centered on a very modern gay man.”  The novel explores the conflicts, relationships and possibilities that unfold as Rory tries to establish Britain’s first retirement home for gay men. Reviewer Viv Young writes about the book, “Sharp wit—by the bucketful! . . . what a journey! . . . an incredibly good read . . . Rory’s Boys will undoubtedly be acclaimed as one of the most funny books of 2011, and is deserving of a wide audience . . .”

TLC is delighted on Clark’s behalf and wishes him all the best with his writing in the future.