TLC Script Reader Launches Film-makers in Conversation

June 03, 2011 | TLC Talent

Beach ImageTLC film/TV reader Kieron Connolly has launched a blog of his interviews called Film-makers in Conversation. Interviewees include screenwriter and children’s novelist Frank Cottrell Boyce (24 Hour Party People, Welcome to Sarajevo, Millions), screenwriter and playwright Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons, the film Atonement) and writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, The Pusher Trilogy). “It’s simply film-makers sharing their experiences, concerns and secrets about their craft and art,” says Kieron. “For new writers these interviews can be inspiring, instructive and, of course, a worthwhile and pleasant diversion from getting on with one’s own writing.”  Kieron hopes to add an interview each month.

Extract from the Film-makers in Conversation interview with Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Frank Cottrell Boyce: “I’ve always called myself a hack and I’m quite happy to be one. You do it for the money but not in a bad way. You’re up for an adventure. I’m not an artist. This might be completely humpty-dumpty of me making my own definition, but to me a hack is someone who’s good at it and will play an interesting game with whoever comes along, rather than someone who’ll say: “I have things to say about the world”. I know writers who know exactly what their thing is and I don’t actually know what my thing is. I wouldn’t say I’ve got a voice.”

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