Unthank Books Unveil Unthology No.1

April 25, 2011 | TLC Talent

Unthology No.1, recently published by UNTHANK BOOKS, is the first in a series dedicated to showcasing unconventional, unpredictable and experimental stories. The first of the quarterly Unthology series, edited by TLC readers Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones,  contains new pieces by seventeen authors, some established, some new.

The stories fulfil the Unthank Books credo of publishing the “kind of books you used to read and enjoy, but struggle to find any more”. More importantly, it is another heartfelt salvo in the barrage of voices calling for a greater appreciation and elevation of the short story.  Among the writers are two former TLC clients, Mischa Hiller and Maggie Ling.

The deadline for Unthology 2 submissions is May 1st 2011.  For more information check out the Unthank Books website or get your own copy of Unthology No.1.