TLC's Big Publishing Debate in Swedish Magazine

March 03, 2011 | Events, Press & Publicity

TLC’s Big Publishing Debate created quite a stir back in September and continued interest from overseas writer’s magazines shows that these are prevalent issues for the non-English speaking publishing world alike.

Swedish Literary Adventurer, Katarina Trodden, who writes for the Swedish Authors’ Union, published an article about our debate and highlighted the important issues for writers that were raised by the panel and the audience that evening. For more information about the original debate or to read Robert McCrum’s articles in the Guardian, click hereThe Author, published by the Swedish Authors’ Union six times a year, publishes articles that deal with authors’ and translators’ rights, freedom of speech and the publishing industry in Sweden and also includes information about scholarships, events and global publishing news. The website is in both Swedish and English.

Click here to read a summarised version of Katarina’s article in English or here for the Swedish version.