Unthankbooks Unveil Unthology No.1

February 04, 2011 | TLC Talent

UNTHANK BOOKS are excited to announce the forthcoming publication of UNTHOLOGY N0.1, the first in a series dedicated to showcasing unconventional, unpredictable and experimental stories.

We are aiming at four books a year (we’ll definitely do three this year). We do have worldwide distribution but are are a POD press so word of mouth/publicity is crucial.

Containing new pieces by seventeen authors, some established, some new, UNTHOLOGY NO.1 fulfils the Unthank Books credo of publishing the “kind of books you used to read and enjoy, but struggle to find any more”. More importantly, it is another heartfelt salvo in the barrage of voices calling for a greater appreciation and elevation of the short story.

Deadline for Unthology 2 submissions is May 1st 2011.

Viccy Adams, Sandra Jenson, Mischa Hiller, CD Rose, Melinda Moore, James Carter, Laura Stimson, Martin Pond, Deborah Arnander, Sherilyn Connelly, Sarah Dobbs, Jenni Fagan, Maggie Ling, Tessa West, Karen Whitson, Ashley Stokes and Michael Baker

In UNTHOLOGY NO.1 you will encounter a motley crew of animals, objects and even humans. Relationships disintegrate and reform. Dramas both domestic and global unfold. A herringbone becomes an omen of impending doom. A boy waits to sit a sinister test he may or may not pass. A girl in a prison cell must write or die….


Edited by Robin Jones and Ashley Stokes.

ISBN 978-0-9564223-1-6

Publication date: 1st. December 2010

Price: £12.

Available from all good bookshops, Amazon,

and www.unthankbooks.com

For further information about any of the authors or to discuss readings and promotional opportunities contact Hazel Compton, e-mail: .