Literary Adventurer Taz Shakir Creates Book

September 24, 2010 | Adventures

Literary Adventures Booklets

Taz Shakir who attended the Literary Adventures in March 2010, at Casa Ana in Andalucia, has found time during his busy life as an anesthetist, to make a book out of contributions from those on the adventure writing holiday.  Below is a quote from Taz to his fellow holiday-makers. We think this gives a flavour of how things went, and hope you will join us soon. Click here to see a short video clip.

Dear Literary Co-adventurers,

The making of this book had been an absolutely marvellous experience. For the past many years I have lived a life where if something needs be done it should have been done yesterday!   There are always so many different things going on,  that even looking for downtime has long been given up as an crazy idea. Perhaps many of you live similar lives too.

And then there was the making of Literary Adventures 1!  The relaxed to and froing of e-mails- submissions, corrections, questions and their answers was superb. Nothing was harried, there were dead-lines, no expectations or demands. Our exchanges were always supportive, non-confrontational, polite and happiness-generating! Gandhi would have been proud of all of us! In fact, the longer I took the more compliments I got from all of you!!

PS The book is very sweet and has taken pride of place on my bookshelf.

Taz Shakir