The New Self-Publishing

September 09, 2010 | Press & Publicity

Journalist Liz Bury investigates the growing popularity of self-publishing

The London Book Fair

Did you know that Apple has just made it easier to self-publish to the iBook store? The August 2010 upgrade of Pages, Apple’s answer to Microsoft Word, makes it possible to export an ordinary text document to ePub format. Create an ePub file, upload to the iBook store and bingo, you just self-published your novel.

It’s a simple piece of development by Apple, and a great example of one of the many small technological advances that are fueling a boom in self-publishing.

The Literary Consultancy(TLC), an ms assessment service for writers, now considers self-publishing a legitimate option for many of its clients.

Rebecca Swift, TLC founder, says: “It used to be that an author either made the grade or they didn’t. One would tell people not to spend their money on vanity publishing. That was the moral position. It’s a much more complex world now – and much more exciting for writers.”

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