Tapping the Trend – The Future of Publishing

September 15, 2009 | Events

Claire Armistead

How do writers orientate themselves in this changing landscape? Is the democracy of online publication eroding editorial standards? Is quality publishing financially viable in this environment?

In association with Spread the Word, TLC presented Tapping the Trend 13 September, a debate at the Free Word centre which aimed to highlight new issues for writers and publishers.

Prize winning author and leading writer in digital media Kate Pullinger, and writers commissioned by Spread the Word, demonstrated and discussed how they used the internet to produce new work and how it has transformed their creative practice. Claire Armitstead, Guardian’s Literary Editor, lead the debate on these questions with commentator Ian Jack, Sara Lloyd Digital Director at Pan Macmillan, writer Kate Pullinger and Jason Pegler from Chipmunka Publishing.

The internet and digital technology are transforming – some would say decimating – traditional publishing, whilst online arenas offer writers new ways of creating literature and new routes for reaching audiences. Conversely, digital media and online platforms are enabling writers to produce some of the most exciting developments in literary form and creative collaborations.

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