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Staple Magazine Guest-Edited by TLC director

Staple MagazineThe spring 2008, Staple magazine secured funding for two further years and began their next series with Staple 69/70: The Publishing Issue, a 285pp anthology guest-edited by Rebecca Swift of the UK’s leading manuscript appraisal and writers’ mentoring programme, The Literary Consultancy. The next issues  continue as single themed issues, with Staple 71: The Art Issue and Staple 72: The Music Issue both available, and more to come.

The Publishing Issue, guest edited by Rebecca Swift of The Literary Consultancy, lifts the curtain on the writing industry, from unpublished first draft to final place in posterity. Agents, editors and best-selling authors join forces with fresh talents to dig behind the writing courses and How To Get Published guides and reflect on why we write, and what impact writing can make on the wider world.

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