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TLC act as ‘Style Gurus’ in The Author

In 1997, Rebecca Swift and Hannah Griffiths, co-founders of The Literary Consultancy, published the article, “Style Gurus”,  in The Author. The article examined the situation for new writers in the UK and explained why and how The Literary Consultancy was set up.

“The chances are you will be familiar with being approached by friends or family and asked to read their jottings, autobiography, novel, whatever they have written and about which they want and an opinion – usually good. If you have ever agreed to do this, you will acknowledge the amount of energy required and also the difficulty in formulating an objective response. If it is really poor, both grammatically and structurally, how does one tell the writer? If it has some promise, but needs serious work, have you the time or experience to give detailed help?” Click here to read the entire article.

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