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Success Story

“I approached TLC for a manuscript assessment with what felt like a confused manuscript and paralysing anxiety over professionals reading my work. TLC paired my YA romance with the perfect reader: award-winning YA author CJ Flood. After a few weeks, I received pages of invaluable feedback and the sort of encouragement that’s vital to a nervous, new writer: I was told the novel had real publication potential. I got to work implementing all of Chelsey’s suggestions, most instrumentally across motivation, pacing and tension. What emerged was a book that felt 100 per cent more compelling to read. I sent the manuscript off and scored a three-book publishing deal with Literary Crush Publishing, and CJ Flood kindly provided a blurb to endorse my novel. Without TLC, I believe my promising but muddled story would still be looking for a home. TLC and Chelsey Flood were instrumental in Emmie and the Tudor King finding its way to publication and into readers’ hands.”
Natalie Murray, 
Emmie and the Tudor King, 
Literary Crush Publishing