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Success Story

“A Soldier’s Story has been a labour of love, and a long journey which began in 2005. My dad had given me his war diaries, full of his thoughts, feelings and actions from the beginning to the end of WW2. I transcribed the diaries and numerous discussions with my dad. Initially it was my intention that the manuscript would be copied for my immediate family. However, I had seen an article in a national newspaper recommending The Literary Consultancy. Keen to learn from my first attempt to write a book and improve my manuscript I requested a full critique. A few weeks later I had the detailed critique of Karl French along with his view that the book had commercial potential. With the full support of TLC I was able to improve my original manuscript and re-submit to them. Using their extensive knowledge of the publishing world my book was sent to a literary agent on my behalf and the rest is, as they say, history. Without the help and support of TLC, may have stalled at the first crossroads. Thank you TLC, I am very grateful.”
Mike Wood, 
A Soldier’s Story, 
Little, Brown