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Zad El Bacha

“When she had first met him, they had sung together. Their voices had fused into one, a full, complex voice. Only an expert ear could have told the different elements apart. When she thought of him, she always thought of the voices fusing, and of straining her ears to tell different voices apart from her own, as they threaded themselves with her”

From ‘Bedrooms’– included in the showcase 

“In this magical-realist literary novel, Amar sits down to have coffee with their rapist. They want to find a way to justice and healing. This is impossible to do alone, so they call on the voices of Middle Eastern women and queer people to help them, from Babylonian goddesses to medieval Arab lesbians. As they navigate mental health struggles, romance, trade union strikes, and the internet, Amar has to face their past, bring their allies and enemies together, and act swiftly to create a better future.” From the Introduction