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Merryl Futerman

“Babe, its freezing. Can you get my parka?
Such a straightforward request means I can turn over, keep dozing. This state of bliss lasts about a minute until I remember Dani is in New York and I’m in Muswell Hill. Getting the parka to her is going to take more than a sprint up the Archway Road. My mind starts whirring, working it backwards: Start with getting hold of the bloody coat, a mental scan of my bijou office for supplies and which courier will get it there by tonight, latest. What is abundantly clear is that I can kiss the rest of this morning goodbye.”
From ‘Don’t Make a Scene’ – included in the showcase

“Maddy Sparks dashes around London fulfilling ordinary and extraordinary requests for a roster of demanding celebrity clients. A throwaway comment to Casper, a bitchy screen writer she looks after, sees him enlist her help on his failing TV series. She gets a taste of what she could be capable of, but Casper is determined to keep her in the shadows. After a brush with the law, Casper expects Maddy to smooth things over like she always does. Backed into a corner he pressurizes her into compromising her integrity for the recognition she craves. How far is she prepared to go?” From the Introduction