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Maia Elsner

“When a coal tit tears into my room. Rush of wings thrashes
against white. No clouds. No whisper-thin rain threading
through a grey miracle. Instead, this thing we call shelter:
brick walls. Tiled roof. Ceiling divides right-angled air”

From ‘Apa has been dead for 70 years’ – included in the showcase

“Through Wasafari’s support, I received a TLC Manuscript Free Read, which grew my confidence. Just having a second pair of eyes on a piece of work can be so important, and at times transformative, but beyond this, I was really touched by the care my manuscript received: the feedback was so sensitive and generous, and it also gave me a clear direction for how to transform the text. Overall, and as a result of TLC’s reading, I felt able to be braver, to push the limits of language further. I am so grateful to the TLC for offering this fantastic service, and to Frankie Bailey, who so sensitively and critically engaged with my work.” From the Introduction