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Maggie Barrett

“Felicity sits at her desk, uncaps her pen, writes “Chapter 22’’ and stops. What is she trying to say? Not just now, in this minute, but altogether? What is this thing she’s writing? Novel? Memoir? Primal Scream? Self-indulgent moan? She feels she’s lost sight of the beginning, of what impelled her to begin. Anger. Fury. Rage. Some deep urge to let everyone have it. How long had it been since someone else’s novel had enraged her and what exactly about that novel had ticked her off?”

From ‘Felicity’– included in the showcase

“Felicity is the story of a seventy year-old, sober, feisty and furious woman who is on a mission to discover where her anger comes from and how to dissipate it while she still has time. Over a period of eighteen months we journey with Felicity as she revisits her past while struggling in present time with the rejection of her latest novel. The arrival of the #MeToo movement surprises her with the revelation that not only is her anger older than her, but that the personal and the political are always entwined.” From the Introduction