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Jason Young

“Joanna Bromley’ is a follow-up to my feature film script titled ‘The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano’. Joanna was the mixed-race daughter of Olaudah Equiano (aka. Gustavus Vassa) in 19th century England. She married an Englishman by the name of Henry Bromley on the 29th August 1821 at Shoreditch Church in London and became Joanna Bromley. She died at the age of 61 on the 10th March 1857 and was buried in Stoke Newington in London. Unlike today, she was around at a time when it was not credible to be mixed-race in society. However, she was shielded by her wealth inherited from her African father and she could possibly be a spiritual ancestor of all mixed-race English women today. Whereas the intention with ‘The Interesting Narrative’ was to put Equiano front and centre of my story, my intention with ‘Joanna Bromley’ was to present a woman of colour on the screen in Jane Austen’s England.”
From ‘Joanna Bromley’ – included in the showcase

“Frankie Bailey was appointed by The Literary Consultancy to provide an assessment of my 133-page feature length script. The feedback was extremely helpful because it identified the strong points as well as areas that were more suitable for radio. Whilst I think it is important to see Joanna Bromley as a woman of colour in Jane Austen’s England, there were elements of the Olaudah Equiano story that were more suited to a radio play format.”