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James Brophy

“He was still on top of the hill, the same hill, except there were no buildings any longer. He noticed that the ground was wet in places. The sun had moved; it was now high in the sky and, if anything, had started down its westward arc. The air was hot and, here on top of the hill, breezy. Insects, perhaps ancient ancestors of the ones Jerome had left behind, were confirming their existence by flight and sound. Down below, in the valley to the east, Jerome could make out groups of people. The rest of the hill appeared deserted and, being anxious not to draw any unnecessary attention, he began to make his way down to join them.”

From ‘Gethsemane Revisited’ – included in the showcase

“I had long been intrigued by the idea of travelling back in time to meet and question famous/infamous people, but without altering history in any way. This was the genesis of the novel, Gethsemane Revisited. It required the creation of rules that would enable these time-travel journeys to take place and yet ensure nothing would ever change. Part of the trade-off in the rules was that Jerome, the main protagonist, would be the only person who would recall these journeys and he could never prove to anyone else that they actually happened.” From the Introduction