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Eliza Vitri Handayani

“From Now On Everything Will Be Different tells the story of my generation. We grew up under the repressive New Order regime and learned to keep our mouth shut and fall in line if we want to survive. As we were coming of age, however, massive demonstrations brought down the regime, and for the first time we saw that we had the power to take charge of our country’s governance and our lives.”

From the Introduction

“It was several weeks after the dictator had stepped down, and the first time Rizky had heard from Julita since they’d graduated high school four years earlier in 1994. Her photographs of the massive demonstrations punctuated the article: a protester ripping his shirt and baring his tattoo-covered chest before lines of special riot police; a writer handing out photocopies of his banned book; five women covering their faces with the sign ‘Do Not Rape, Native Indonesian Muslim’; a student launching paper doves from the roof of the parliament building.” From ‘From Now On Everything Will Be Different’ – included in the showcase