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Bobbie Jean Huff

“The woman beside her buttons her shirt, then wheels her cart back to the corner opposite where the other woman is squatting. Are they friends? It doesn’t appear that way, although they are of similar age and equally decrepit. Olivia remembers reading about them recently, the women who inhabit that bathroom. The article said there was no official attempt to oust them. Olivia was surprised to read that, and glad. She can’t imagine what their lives must be like, other than the obvious—that they each must have left a situation more untenable than the Port Authority ladies’ room.”

From ‘The Ones We Keep’ – included in the showcase

“A quest lakeside resort in Vermont seems like the perfect summer getaway for Olivia and Harry and their young sons. But in a single moment, their idyllic family retreat becomes a mother’s worst nightmare. Returning from a solo hike one afternoon, Olivia learns from a passing stranger that one of her sons has drowned—but not which one. In that moment, Olivia makes a panicked decision that will change her family forever. If she never knows which son has died, can she convince herself that none of them have? By shielding herself from reality, can she continue to live in a world where all three boys are still alive?”