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Pitch a Blog to TLC

Do you have something on your mind, about books, literature and the value of literature, or publishing, that you’d like to blog about for us? Why not pitch your writing as a TLC Blog?

TLC Blogs fall into three categories:

Personal insights into the writing process as you experience it, or aspects of the writing and publishing process that you have learned from or would like to share about.

Writing Craft
‘How to’ pieces on aspects of creative writing craft across any of the areas that TLC offers professional editorial services in: fiction, non fiction, poetry, short stories, and scripts and screenplays.

Publishing industry specific insights, experiences, and op-ed style pieces on topical themes.

Tone of Voice

Our blog is informational rather than a marketing tool, so we cannot accept pieces that explicitly promote a service or product. We are looking for blog pieces that are written towards and for the writing community. If you are a former client and would like to pitch a piece promoting a published book, please email us and we can talk to you about listing you as a TLC Success Story or News story instead.

We are interested in blogs of anywhere between 500-800 words (with a top limit of 1,000 words maximum). It can be helpful if the blog has headings to break up the content and give the reader a clear idea of the content of each section. Please try to ensure that the title of the blog appears within the body of the blog itself at least once, if possible.

To get a feel for the kind of content on the blog, and for inspiration – please take a look through our Blog Archive. Please pay attention in particular to recent pieces to avoid pitching a piece that is too similar to something we have recently published.  

Payment and Copyright

The TLC blog is free to access and we don’t commercialise it in any way. We can offer contributors £50 as a token of thanks. All rights remain with you, the writer, at all times. Pieces previously published elsewhere are acceptable as long as you have a right to re-publish and give clear acknowledgment of where the piece first appeared, and if it has been edited since.

How to Pitch

If you’d like to pitch a piece to the TLC Blog, please initially email attaching a copy of this TLC Blog pitching template, with the subject header ‘TLC Blog’. We will aim to respond to all pitches within four weeks.

If you’d like to write a blog in the future, but aren’t quite there yet, you can find some excellent tips from Jane Friedman here.