How to apply

If you are interested in taking part in the Chapter and Verse mentoring scheme, please email Aki Schilz at hidden-email-address with your details, or call 020 7324 2563.

“Yet again TLC have come up with a scheme that is both cutting-edge and a winner. Think of the mentoring scheme as a literary life support machine – so sign up and get creative.”

Simon Trewin, Literary Agent, United Agents

If you decide to go ahead with the TLC Mentoring programme, please follow the following steps:

  1. Please fill in our Application Form.
  2. Send us a sample of your writing, of up to 2,000 words (This can be either an extract from your current project or a short story), along with a covering letter.
  3. TLC will then find you the most suitable mentor. We have extensive experience in creating the right match between writers and tutors, but if you would like to work with a particular TLC mentor, then you are welcome to make a suggestion.
  4. Once we have confirmed a mentor with you, we will then ask for the full fee of £1,950 + VAT – either by cheque or via an online bank transfer.
  5. Once we receive your payment, then your mentor will introduce themselves to you via email to agree a mutually convenient schedule.
  6. Please check our Terms and Conditions for additional information about the Chapter and Verse mentoring programme. Sign up now – hidden-email-address

What to expect?

Mentors will aim to respond to your submissions with their feedback within 14 working days (unless otherwise agreed by you). Many of our mentors will be happy to include up to 3 fifteen minute phone calls as part of their tuition, but please be aware that mentors’ working practices vary. We will discuss your needs at the outset of the course with you.

“The value of the industry day for me was twofold. The event demystified and de-romanticised the publishing business to some extent. I also came away with some pithy advice and principles about approaching agents and publishers.”

Ben O’Toole

Once you have completed three or more sessions, you will be invited to attend a TLC industry day at the Free Word Centre in central London; these are held twice a year. The aim of the day is to give you further insight into the publishing industry and how to get published, and will include informative discussion with TLC and other guests such as literary agents, commissioning editors and published authors. You will also have the chance to meet other people on the mentoring scheme and learn from each other.

After you have completed your mentoring sessions, you submit your complete work for a professional TLC manuscript assessment. Your TLC reader will be different from your mentor, so you can benefit from two editorial views within the scheme. Your reader will be given feedback from your mentor prior to receiving your work, so overlapping information will hopefully be avoided. However, it is important to realise that views of your editor may differ from those of your mentor. In our experience, the combined experience of having a mentor followed by a TLC editorial assessment will strengthen you as a writer.

For those exceptional cases when work is suitable for submission to an agent or publisher with a genuine chance of publication, TLC has established links with a range of leading literary agencies. We will not recommend agents or publishers if we do not consider the work ready to send out, but will, in our assessment, explain our reasoning behind decisions made.