• The Secret Life of Novels: Wyl Menmuir, Fiona Melrose and Amer Anwar

    Novels arrive on bookshelves as if they were always whole and perfect. But what is kept hidden from view? And what is the effect of keeping that process – the scenes from the cutting room…

  • Guy Gunaratne & Mary-Anne Harrington in Conversation at TLC Writers' Day 2018

    Negotiating Relationships: From Draft to Bookshelf with novelist Guy Gunaratne (In Our Mad and Furious City), and editor Mary-Anne Harrington (Tinder Press, Headline). This discussion was recorded live at The Literary Consultancy's Writers' Day 2018…

  • Rebecca Swift 20th Anniversary Keynote speech - 'The Book Inside'

    TLC Founder Rebecca Swift discusses the notion of ‘The Book Inside’ in her keynote speech at TLC’s 20th Anniversary Symposium on November 11th 2016 at the Free Word Centre.

  • Lemn Sissay - 'The Book Inside' Poems

    Poet Lemn Sissay OBE opens The Literary Consultancy’s 20th Anniversary Symposium at the Free Word Centre on November 11th 2016 with two specially commissioned poems.

  • Quality Writing for All Launch 2015

    TLC launched its Quality Writing for All Campaign in 2015. Hear from Director and Founder Rebecca Swift, novelist, publisher and TLC editor Jacob Ross, and TLC Free Read recipient, novelist Liam Brown.

  • Editing Matters: First Drafts

    'Editing Matters' is a series of podcasts from The Literary Consultancy and Free Word, for writers who want to further develop their manuscripts. Each week, we'll be looking at different aspects of the editing process,…

  • Editing Matters: The Myth of the Lone Writer

    In episode two of 'Editing Matters' we muse on the myth of the lone writer, and hear why even great writers need great editors. Our guest is Tom Bromley, a TLC manuscript assessor, editor, ghost…

  • Audrey Niffenegger

    The best-selling author of The Time-Traveler's Wife draws on her experiences as a writer and visual artist to consider the intersection of art, technology, and the future of the written word.

  • Editing Matters: Journey to the Final Draft

    In episode three of 'Editing Matters' we talk about the long hard slog between the first draft and the finished product with Damien Brown, who spent three years writing and re-writing his memoir about his…

  • Editing Matters: The Long Haul

    In episode four of 'Editing Matters' we talk to director of The Literary Consultancy, Rebecca Swift, about what's required of a manuscript you hope to publish. We also weigh up the options available to writers,…


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