Online Writer’s Surgeries

Online one-to-one feedback sessions with a professional editor 

What is an Online Writer’s Surgery?

Get one-to-one feedback with a professional editor via Zoom. Face to face, remotely, from anywhere in the world. You can use your surgery to…

  • Brainstorm a new idea 
  • Troubleshoot a specific issue 
  • Get a perspective on one aspect of narrative craft 
  • Find new inspiration 
  • Get out of a writer’s block 
  • Stay motivated to keep writing.  

What do I get?

  • One-hour Zoom meeting with a TLC Reader  
  • One additional hour’s reading time from your TLC Editor (submit up to 2,500 words of prose or 2-3 poems, plus a one-page synopsis or short summary of your writing project)  
  • A goal-setting worksheet to help you get the most out of your session  
  • A goal-setting template to use after your session to help you implement the feedback  
  • An audio recording of your session
  • A discount of 20% off TLC’s industry recognised manuscript assessment service for the writing project you discuss if submitted within 3 months of your session. A discount of 15% off if you submit the writing project you discuss within 6 months of your session. 

“I wanted to say how good my TLC online writer’s surgery was. I found my editor thoughtful and fun and extremely skilled. She helped focus my attention on whose story I was telling, which was what I wanted, and inspired me to keep going.”

TLC Online Writer’s Surgery May 2020

What does it cost?

The cost for this service is £160 (inclusive of VAT).

How to apply 

You can submit your work, and pay through our secure online portal here. You will need:

* A writing sample of up to 2,500 words of prose fiction or non-fiction (or 2-3 poems)
* A one-page (maximum) synopsis or summary document

You will then be asked to pay the full amount of £160 (this includes VAT). We will be in touch to confirm who your TLC editor will be, and to arrange a timeslot for your session. We will also send you a goal-setting worksheet which we ask you to please fill out and return to us.

Next Steps 

We will provide you with a secure login link and password for your session so that you can ‘log in’ at the allocated time. We will send you a recording of your session so that during the surgery, you can really focus on your conversation with your editor.

Please note that it is your responsibility to submit your goal-setting sheet to TLC one week before the session, and to turn up at the allotted time. Sessions are fixed at a maximum one hour. No refunds will be provided for cancellations less than 7 business days in advance of your reserved timeslot, or for no-shows.  

Engaging in one-to-one feedback can be a hugely valuable exercise – it is the cornerstone on which TLC’s work with writers is based. Do make the most of it, and we wish you a fruitful and inspiring hour with your editor.