2015 Press Coverage

2014 Press Coverage

The Conference has inspired a range of responses and comments in the press. We are also pleased this year to include some blog write-ups from #TLC14 attendees. Browse the links below to get a sense of the event, and for further write-ups about what happened within the sessions, see the Event Write-ups tab above.


Is Comedy Dead? by Nick Bryannickbryan

At the Pen Factor pitching event, one author read from a work which seemed to place itself as a humour story. One of the agents on the panel commented that novels which identify heavily as comedy versions of existing genres tend to be a hard sell…continued


Pitches and Pigeonholes, by Patsy Trench

The Pen Factor, which takes its name from The X Factor, features a group of brave writers who are given a limited time to pitch and read extracts from their books to a panel of agents, who are themselves given a limited time to respond, and all this in front of an audience.…continued


The Literary Conference, Parts I, II and III, by LD Lapinskildlapinskied

This weekend just gone was the annual TLC Conference, at which I was one of the delegates. The conference’s subtitle: Writing in a Digital Age was something I was very keen to get to grips with over the three-day event.…continued


18 mln self-publishingowych e-booków kupionych w Wielkiej Brytanii, by Agnieszka Zakagnieszka

Pojawiły się nowe dane na temat rynku książki w Wielkiej Brytanii. Brytyjczycy kupili w 2013 r. w sumie 323 mln książek za łączną kwotę 2 mld 185 mln funtów. Jednak według Nielsen Book sprzedaż książek drukowanych w 2013 r. spadła o 10%, a sprzedaż książek w ogóle – o 4%.…continued