Terms and Conditions

TLC Mentoring Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • In the unlikely event we are unable to find you a suitable mentor, we reserve the right to not allocate a course place.
  • Payment must be made in advance of course commencement. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider those who wish to pay in two instalments.
  • It is up to you to agree a mutually convenient schedule with your mentor. Course participants need to be aware that they should complete their six mentoring sessions within a year of commencement, although we will of course bear in mind any extenuating circumstances that might occur during your course. Please be aware however, that should a submission ‘deadline’ run over by a period of more than eight weeks, a mentor may not be able to respond to your submission within two weeks.
  • Mentors will agree the best method of communicating with you. All mentors will undertake 6 tutorial sessions via email. Some mentors may also offer a few phone calls as part of the course. (Please be aware that students will receive the equivalent level of feedback and attention regardless of whether or not phonecalls are included in your course).
  • Course participants must respect the boundaries of the mentor/student relationship, and not attempt to contact their mentor outside the terms agreed at the outset of the course. TLC will take any attempt to breach these boundaries seriously.
  • In the highly unlikely event that you should be unhappy with your mentor or the feedback you are receiving, please contact The Literary Consultancy directly and we will do our best to resolve the situation.
  • If problems should occur that cannot be resolved, and it is agreed that continuing the mentoring process would not be the best option, TLC will offer a full refund for sessions not yet undertaken, minus £350 to cover our administration costs.
  • For the mentoring event day in London, participants must be responsible for their own travelling expenses (and accommodation expenses, if needed).
  • Submissions for the TLC full manuscript read should be made within six months of your final mentoring session. For general terms and conditions pertaining to TLC manuscript assessments, please see here.