Other Editorial Services

TLC is able to refer clients on a case-by-case basis for copy-editing, proofreading and ghostwriting. We work closely with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and can put you in touch with experienced freelancers who will be able to work with you directly. If you have a particular project in mind and would like to discuss which service would be best for you, please get in touch with us. Please note that unlike our manuscript assessment services, copy-editing and proofreading jobs may need to be booked in advance.

“I just wanted to thank you for recommending Richard for my copy-editing. I had a really great experience working with him. He does his work properly and to a very high standard. He took the time to send me notes, as well as receiving comments and notes from me and working on my Glossary and Index. I am very pleased that you recommended him to me – thank you so much!”

Puran Bhardwaj, TLC client

What is copy-editing?
A copy-editor will cover basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar and look overall at improving the quality of the text. They will look at the overall consistency of the book, watching out for weak areas of writing, and make corrections where necessary. Copy-editing can involve some rewriting or highlighting of areas of text that an author needs to look at again. They might also check facts and point out material that could be considered libellous.

What is proofreading?
A proofreader will read a text correcting basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. They will also look for consistency in such areas as formatting, capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation and so on.

Do I need copy-editing or proofreading?
Some of our clients come back to us once they have had their manuscript assessed, and ask for a copy-edit to make sure the manuscript is in the best possible shape ahead of submission to literary agents. Alternatively, writers who intend to self-publish will not have the editorial team of a publishing house to copy-edit and proofread their work for them. If you are an independent author, you may want to consider one or both of these services. Your copy-editor or proofreader will give you a project fee in advance, along with a project outline, so you know exactly what will be done, and by when. Fees will vary according to how much work is needed, but prices tend roughly to work out at between £30 and £60 an hour for copy-editing and proofreading.  

What is ghostwriting?
A ghostwriter is a writer who is commissioned to produce text that is to be published under another person’s name; the client’s. Autobiographies of prominent figures, for example, are often ghostwritten. The ghostwriter is paid an agreed fee in advance, which is costed according to how much work is needed to complete the project. The client may have an idea, a partial or full draft, or a portfolio of ideas. At TLC, we work with editors who have ghostwritten crime novels, celebrity autobiographies, and bestselling fiction titles. Ghostwriting is an extremely costly process, and we would advise it only in exceptional circumstances.

Other services
Since we started in 1996, we have continued to work with talented freelancers whose work we admire in various fields. As such, if you are interested in other services such as book production, cover design, typesetting, formatting, uploading and conversion, or any other related areas of publishing and self-publishing, please get in touch to see if we can refer you to someone whose work we recommend.