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TLC Literary Adventures

Writing Retreats where anything can happen . . .

The Literary Consultancy was founded in 1996 in order to help provide in-depth, professional editorial feedback to writers at all levels who wanted to know where their projects stood in relation to the publishing industry. To date we have helped hundreds of writers get into print in various ways and at different levels. For more information about our history, working practice, ethos and testimonials about our service see our main website here.

Over the years, TLC has grown and diversified in stimulating ways. In 1999 we attracted core funding from Arts Council England to help fund free reads for high quality, low-income writers. In 2006, another branch of TLC emerged in the form of Mentoring – Chapter & Verse – a unique mentoring scheme co-designed by the novelist Sara Maitland and TLC’s founder Rebecca Swift. Literary Agent Simon Trewin said of this:

“Yet again TLC has come up with a scheme that is both cutting-edge and a winner. Think of the mentoring scheme as a literary life support machine – so sign up and get creative.”

Simon Trewin

TLC readers and staff have also been programmed at many literary festivals and events to discuss the publishing industry. In addition we have done drop-in sessions with hundreds of writers at festivals around the world – from Port Eliot in Cornwall to Jaipur, India and Chengdu, China.

The TLC Literary Adventures one-week writing retreat builds on the work we have done, and the many contacts within the publishing industry we have made (writers, agents and publishers), we feel thrilled to be able to bring together the fruits of many years’ work in a way we will all enjoy.

We hope to bring together vibrant communities who will, with the help of those who attend the events, create environments to stimulate, challenge, delight, inspire and make people laugh. Meet the Tutors and view the Programmes to find out more.

At TLC we believe that creative risk is a prerequisite to the making of good art. We are committed to keeping environments alive that allow creative exploration beyond the limits of commercial pressures.

Do join us.

The Literary Consultancy

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