Sunita Thind

@sunitathind on Instagram/ twitter Facebook is Sunita Thind writer. Had an excellent two sessions, so grateful. Thank you #tlc am a British Punjabi 38 year old female, teacher, writer, published poet with two muticultural poetry collections on the South Asian female experience living between three cultures British, Malaysian and Punjabi. I am also a twice over Ovarian Cancer survivor going through menopause and covid, surgery, chemo, complete hair loss, was horrendous. Am a spokesperson for Ovarian cancer in women oc colour.
Please do support, follow me, two books out
The Coconut Girl http://www.wildpressedbooks.com
The Barging Buddhi And Other Poems available http://www.blackpear.net
Am interested in learning, honing my craft in between novel/ memoir ideas based on my trauma.