HI. My novel, self-published via an indie pubisher, is ‘Felix Unbound’ by Cathy Gunn – which was already my professional name (as a former financial journalist) vs.my alternative surname as a wife and mother. I self-published in 2020 because the pandemic galvanised me into direct action rather than via the traditional route: after so much hard work, feedback, rewriting, and various other helpful sessions, I really didn’t want to risk Covid suddenly carrying me off with my book still sitting in my laptop! I knew that scenario would have made me feel quite annoyned, daft as that may sound. So I decided to stop polishing my work and just get it out there, since the desire on the ‘other’ side of writing is to be read. (If you read it, I’m very happy to learn from any comments). Next step is to think about whether to expore further avenues for it: e.g do I seek an agent now for it and future novels; might there be overseas readers; and by what route shall I bring into the world the new novel that I’ve started writing. I also realise that my twitter handle should probably be replaced by one using just my writing name, not its present amalgam of names..for now, though, it’s still @cathyghut – and I’d love to chat about books, writing, reading, etc.