Jeremy Gavins

Hi everyone, my name is Jeremy. Twitter is @jeremygavins1. I am a very much working class gay man from Cumbria. This is my second TLC pen-factor. My memoir “Is it about that boy? The Shocking Trauma of Aversion Therapy” was short-listed for the 2017 one. When I stood on stage and read about my book I became so emotional that Aki had to come and save me. I self-published my book and have sold about 350 around the world, so far. It has been picked up by a scriptwriter from New York and I hope it may become a film. The hardest thing for a self-publisher to do is the marketing which is very hard for someone like me who works better outdoors with his hands than he does in front of a computer with his brain. I am writing a second memoir about my working life as a dry stone walling contractor which I have been doing for 42 years and still at it at age 67.