This is the book I’m currently editing. I’m hoping to send to agents before the end of March. If anyone has any comments on my pitch, I’d appreciate it. This is the pitch that would be included in the letter to the agent:

Stuart Finlay is being targeted by gangster and doesn’t know why

Finlay, a disillusioned private investigator, is hired to locate a missing sixteen-year-old girl, but the satisfaction of finding her is short lived when he’s forced to reveal her location to men with violent backgrounds.
These men don’t want any loose ends.
And they know where Finlay lives.
Now Finlay and the girl are on the run from killers who are both brutal and motivated. If they are to survive, they have to work together, but the girl has trust issues that mirror Finlay’s own, and secrets he can’t even begin to fathom. He can’t leave her. He won’t. But in order to find out what he’s fighting and why, he needs information from the girl. Willingly or not, he was the one who betrayed her to these men though, and she knows it. Trust and forgiveness won’t come easily, particularly when no one is who they seem to be.