TLC Three-part Master Class with Jacob Ross
23rd March, 27th April and 25th May
Free Word Centre
Free Word Centre
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TLC Three-part Master Class with Jacob Ross

Jacob Ross

These unique, three full-day classes aim to give you an overview of narrative structure in the two most popular literary forms, the short story and novel,  as well as provide clarity about why and how genre fiction works.

Clarity about your chosen form is important for a writer, and these classes can make you feel more empowered about the choices you make.

Jacob was so well prepared, Jacob Ross is a really gifted, and perceptive teacher. It was a privilege to be in his class.’ – Ruby Cowling (TLC November Showcase)

All classes will involve writing exercises during the day. For anyone inspired to write fresh work we will offer a follow up offer of 50% off a manuscript assessment for a short story, or 50 page extract of a novel, if they are submitted within a month of the completion of the last class.

The classes can be booked as a series or separately see pricing structure below.


23rd March – How the Short Story Works: An exploration of the defining features of the modern short story. 

This class will explore the defining features of the modern short story.  We will look at the five basic types of short narratives by examining the work of leading exponents of the craft.  At the end of the day you should have a good understanding of how the short story works and why.

Participants will be provided with a link to stories and extracts in advance of the workshop in order to prepare for this master-class and cover as much ground as possible. As part of the judging panel for the V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize, author and tutor Jacob Ross offers a wealth of experience and knowledge about the form.

27th April – How the Novel Works: What archetypal structures under lie all novels? Does your story suit the form you have chosen?

What archetypal structures under lie all novels? Does your story suit the form you have chosen? Are you struggling unnecessarily to make it work? Structure can present problems for even the most professional of writers.  In this full-day workshop which draws on his years of experience, to teach what he has learned about the novel form.  Jacob will examine how fictional narratives are made. He also considers what makes a novel more or less marketable, why titles matter and sets you purposeful challenges and exercises that you can take away with you.

25th May – How Genre Works: A study of the major genres and their essential elements.

This class will examine the major genres and their derivatives in fiction and consider how you develop strong fresh story lines and convincing worlds within a known trope.  In addition to a close look at technique and craft, the class will cover approaches to writing for specific target readerships.

Writers  of  detective novels, adventure stories,  crime, science fiction, fantasy and teen fiction will benefit from this master class and at the heart of the discussion will be a particular focus on the importance of the quest narrative across genres.

Jacob Ross has been hailed as ‘a writer of formidable technical range and emotional depth’. His novel Pynter Bender was published in September 2008 to much critical acclaim. It was short-listed for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers Regional Prize and chosen as one of the British Authors Club’s top three Best First Novels (2009).  Jacob is also the author of acclaimed short story collections, Song for Simone and A Way to Catch the Dust.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has been a judge of the V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize, the Olive Cook, Scott Moncrieff and Tom-Gallon Literary Awards.  Jacob has taught at Arvon and Goldsmiths, and currently works as a manuscript assessor for TLC.

£125 one class/ £225 two classes / £335 three classes (All prices are subject to VAT).

TLC’s cancellation and refund policy for events:  25% retention of the fee if the cancellation is up to two weeks before the event, and within two weeks, 75%.

The price includes tea and coffee breaks. 

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Venue: Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA