The Literary Conference 2013: Writing in a Digital Age

The Literary Conference 2013: Writing in a Digital Age
7 Jun 2013 at 09:00 am
8 Jun 2013 at 06:00 pm
Free Word Centre
Free Word Centre
60 Farringdon Road,

In partnership with The Times Literary Supplement

The Literary Consultancy (TLC) is proud to announce the much-anticipated return of its cutting-edge conference for writers working at all levels. TLC in collaboration with Amphora Arts has again assembled a wide range of industry-leading partners including the Society for Editors & Proofreaders, The Literary Platform’s forthcoming Writing Platform, the Alliance of Independent Authors, Book Hackday, Contentment’s new e-book conversion platform BookFlower and the Free Word Centre. The overriding theme of this year’s conference is ‘quality in a digital age’ – and how authors can make the latest tools, platforms and opportunities available work for them.

“TLC is a sharp observer of contemporary writing in Britain today, and this annual conference represents the cutting-edge: incisive, probing – with a hint of danger. It’s a great thrill to be involved.”

– Robert McCrumThe Observer


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• A keynote opening address by best-selling author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger who will speak about the intersection of art, technology and other platforms for storytelling, and about the new May 2013 production based on her her illustrated dark fairytale Raven Girl, for which she has collaborated with Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor, who will produce a new ballet based on the story which will premiere at the Royal Opera House.
• A wide-ranging opening panel examining the YEAR IN REVIEW. Steve Bohme (Bowker Market Research), Gordon Wise (Curtis Brown), Dan Franklin (Random House), Stefan Tobler (And Other Stories) and The Guardian’s Alison Flood examine a remarkable year of progress and disruption since #TLC12 – a year of mergers and purchases, an increasing focus on self-published writers, a changing role for agents, and new business models from publishers across the spectrum.
LITERARY VALUES IN A DIGITAL AGE: What are ‘literary values’ and how are they being challenged by technology? Andrew Franklin (Profile Books), Scott Pack (The Friday Project, Authonomy), fan-fiction guru and
editor Sally OJ and Rebecca Swift question how the increasing ease of distribution and proliferation of online communities are affecting the way we read and write today.
COLLABORATION IN THE WRITTEN WORD: The past year has seen an explosion of collaborative projects with writers and digital pioneers joining forces and continuing to push the boundaries of technology and narrative. This session will be packed with a wide range of examples from those at the heart of this literary exploration, including Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa University and the Writing Platform), Clare Reddington (Watershed and the REACT project), Tom Chivers (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and Jon Slack (Amphora Arts)
PUBLISHING MASTERCLASSES (DAY TWO): In association with the SfeP and Alliance of Independent Authors, day two opens with five minisessions to pinpoint the key skills and tools writers need to help them stay ahead in a digital age: editing, SEO, e-book distribution, cover design, author websites, marketing, contracts and royalties.
SELF-PUBLISHING OFF THE PEG: DOES ONE SIZE FIT ALL? A vital discussion in association with the forthcoming author-portal The Writing Platform. In a year in which publishers and agents continued to offer more ‘author services’, it’s more important than ever to keep track of whose interests are being served, and inform writers about what’s genuinely on offer. With AM Heath’s Jennifer Custer joining writers and self-publishing platform speakers, in discussion with The Literary Platform’s Joanna Ellis.
• The return of CANON TALES, a rapid-fire look at what is driving ten of the UK’s top players in the world of literature and digital, including Jonathan Conway (The Agency Group), Chris Meade (if:book), Orna Ross (Alliance of Independent Authors), Michael Kowalski (BookFlower), journalist Molly Flat, Sam Missingham (The Bookseller/FutureBook) and Bill Thompson (BBC), with more to be confirmed
PEN FACTOR. With the support of the new ebook conversion platform BookFlower, TLC will once again present an uber line-up of agents and publishers to critique five fiction projects, submitted by delegates in advance of the conference and chosen by TLC. Each panel will in turn be voted on by the judges, and the winner announced on the day.
• Pen Factor winners will also be involved in a special collaboration with Media Futures and Perera to produce a BOOK HACKDAY at the Free Word Centre, following the successful 2011 Book Hackday produced as part of the Publish! programme. It will bring together content creators, technologists and designers interested in innovation in publishing and beyond to rapidly develop concepts and prototypes in the space of one day. The participants will be supported by mentors and informed by practical talks that will take place throughout the day.